Optimizing Local SEO Strategy for Multi-Location Businesses

Content Takeover Mobile & Local SearchOrganizational management and data management are two of the biggest hurdles marketers face when it comes to creating a local SEO strategy for their multi-location brands. So if you have a business with various locations, how can you best optimize your local SEO plan?

“There are lots of challenges that impact multi-location SEO. But probably the biggest one and one that maybe doesn’t get much attention but it’s really the one that is difficult to solve, is organizational management,” says Jason Dailey, head of search at MediaVest.

To begin with, multi-location businesses need to determine who is responsible for local SEO, Dailey explains. Is it someone who manages IT? Is it someone on the digital team? Is it a national marketing team? Does each location have a say? And it’s important to understand the decision-making process: Who is responsible for what? Who gets to contribute? Who can be consulted?

Then, multi-location businesses need to put corporate guidelines in place to ensure all the different locations follow the same practices.

Optimizing Local SEO Strategy for Multi-Location Businesses


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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