Good Question! — A complete collection of 150+ customer development questions for startups

On the road to launching Houston, we’ve been obsessed with exploring customer development questions. This is for two reasons: We’re trying to learn about our early audience and build a product that solves a real problem. Houston itself, is a tool that helps early startups tap into their audience for feedback and insights, so we’re […]

The 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes

image credit: shutterstock No matter what kind of business you start, some marketing mistakes are inevitable. But startups in particular must navigate a unique set of marketing challenges: restricted budgets, limited resources and the pressing need to build brand visibility. Related: When You’ve Built an Audience You’ll Know What Product to Sell Knowing when and how to […]

A Startup Directory (or 33) You Probably Didn’t Know You Should Be Listed On

If you subscribe to the notion “build it and they will come” then you can stop reading here. If, however, you know that the deluge of apps and online startups means that great ideas really do get crowded out, then read on! Your startup needs all the help it can get. From my experience with […]