10 Challenges Native Advertising Poses Both to Marketers and Publications

1. The Content Doesn’t Fit Readers Expectations One big problem I see is content designed the wrong way. Native advertising blurs the line between editorial and advertising, so people expect non-sales material. Often I see companies publish content that attempts to sell the reader on what the company believes they want instead of what the […]

A Deep Dive into Native Advertising

Native advertising is the new way of advertising – Advertising has come a long way from splashy print ads, eye-catching billboards and buzzworthy TV commercials. Of course these traditional formats still exist, but they are competing with the massive space that is online advertising. With people around the world consuming on average nearly 500 minutes […]

Using Audience Data to Power Native Ads

Native advertising is on the rise for publishers—and that’s a good thing. In recent years, media companies have been dealing with the perfect storm: industry-wide programmatic ad revenues are on the decline while ad blocking is on the rise. The bottom line for these trends is that consumers are extremely picky about their online experiences. […]