An SEO Audit That Will Help Your Business Climb The Search Rankings

In response to a previous article I wrote about the SEO secrets that every business should know, I was recently sent a report by SEO Clarity, the search engine optimisation specialists based in Chicago. The report, titled, “if you don’t rank first in mobile, you might as well as be second page”, illustrates the importance of making sure your website is fully optimised, so that when the Google search algorithm comes crawling, your business has every chance to top your chosen keyword rankings.

The team at SEO Clarity analysed over 2 billion impressions and over 2.6 million clicks collected over a 90 day period from approximately 400 of their clients’ Google Webmaster Tools accounts, making this report, SEO Clarity claim, the largest ever of its kind. In fact, there was a minimum of 35 million impressions per ranking position, and 2.68 million clicks, broken down by over 2.2 million unique keywords. That gives any business owner good reason to take the findings seriously.

And what does the data tell us? As you might have guessed, ranking first in the search results commands the highest percentage of click through rates (CTRs), more than 20% percent, with a steady regression down to rank 9, with just a 3% CTR. Interestingly, placing tenth ranks higher than placing 8th or 9th, perhaps reflecting the fact that searches are performed by human beings, who lack the patience to work through a long list in perfect order.

An SEO Audit That Will Help Your Business Climb The Search Rankings


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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