5 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Will Fail

Inbound Marketing takes work, and we’ve assembled a list of 5 reasons your strategy will fail.

And what you can do about it!

Fat fingered is one of the best terms to come out of the culture of smart phones. It’s used to describe the phenomenon where you’re typing way too fast on mobile technology, and end up hitting 3-4 keys at the same time. Just like mobile technology, inbound marketing is a pretty new phenomenon, and you’ve got to make sure you’re hitting the right buttons or your marketing campaign could look like one of those hilarious auto-correct fails. If you learn nothing else today, know that inbound marketing is hard. It’s new, it takes time, and you can’t put in a minimal amount of effort and expect ROI. Now join us in counting down some of the most sure-fire ways to flub results:

1. You’ve Only Got 1 Hour a Week to Market

While we can’t prove it, we’re convinced the single-biggest difference between inbound marketers who mean well and their peers who manage to succeed, is this annoying, non-renewable resource called time. Content creation takes time, social media takes time, marketing automation takes some time to set up, and you simply can’t do a half-assed job at any of these things. Understand that inbound marketing is really effective, but it’s also really time-consuming.

2. You’re Taking SEO Shortcuts

There’s good SEO practices, which can make your blog look like a rising star to Google, and there’s taking shortcuts, which is pretty conspicuous. You simply can’t buy positive search rankings, and you also can’t expect great things to happen overnight. There’s a host of things that Matt Cutts and other anti-spammers hate, but here are a few of the most-effective ways to make your website ranking tank:

5 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Will Fail


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