3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Use in Sales Copy

sales copySales people are in the business of convincing others. It may surprise you, but marketers are as well. HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey writes that it’s crucial to understand why “other people think and act the way you do.” In order to convert new leads, a marketer needs deep understanding of their company’s customers. You should also develop a strong knowledge of behavioral psychology principles.

Choosing to integrate behavioral psychology into your sales copy process could be the best content marketing decision you make this year. By understanding what your future customers need from your organization, you’ll make the shift from self-centered landing pages to content that people love. Here are three of the most universal and meaningful psychology laws to get you started:

1. People Seek Pleasure

If there were any single conversion psychology principles that applied to all types of buyer personas, this would be it. In fact, as Psychology Professor Paul Bloomwrites, “most significant human pleasures are universal.” Our ancestors were interested in the pleasures of surviving winter and foraging enough food to be satisfied. Today, universal notions of pleasure will more likely encompass some of the “higher principles” of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Use in Sales Copy


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