3 Content Marketing Tactics to Try Today

With content marketing continuing to forge ahead as a concept and a force within the business world, it’s unlikely your company doesn’t have some opinion around it. Maybe you dabble in putting out blog posts when you get around to it, or perhaps it’s your sole marketing strategy. Whether you’re just going through the motions so you don’t miss out on the trend or if you’re completely sold on the idea and attacking it full throttle, you can probably use a little extra help.

Do you want to see some big results for your business today? Try giving your content marketing efforts the following three tweaks.

Make it Easy to Get Social

While social media falls under the marketing and PR umbrella for most businesses, it can sometimes take on a life—and separate strategy—all on its own. That’s fine, as long as you don’t forget that social platforms can help maximize your content. To give your written pieces some social love (and extra mileage), make sure you’re including sharing buttons within the content so your readers can click one button to pass it along to their own followings. And don’t stop there.

Consider embedding your Facebook posts into your blog posts, so that social engagement is increased. Evaluate every piece of content that goes out the door, and think about how you can capitalize upon it through your various social mediums. Maybe point to your brand’s Pinterest page within a contributed article if it ties to an example you give. Or when you’re about to release some exciting news about your company, send your employees some previously crafted Tweets they can quickly shoot off from their personal accounts to spread the word. It’ll be easy for them, and will increase the number of eyes on your company.

3 Content Marketing Tactics to Try Today


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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