27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is how companies sell things online. And offline. Smart businesses know this and are investing in learning how to use the written word to their full advantage. However, don’t expect to reach scores of buying masses until you master SEO copywriting and leverage search traffic.

Quality content is great. It’s necessary. But for marketing campaigns to be maximally effective, a copywriter must be able to produce copy that is persuasive and optimized. That is, the type of content that moves people AND attracts search engines. Invisible web pages don’t sell products.

Is your writing up to scratch? Want to be able write high-converting copy that Google, Bing, and Yahoo will actually notice? Let the pros show you how.Here’s a list of 29 resources that will help you improve your bottom line.

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27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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