Why You Should Consider Bing in Your SEO Strategy

Yes, Bing! You really need to take Bing SEO more seriously this year. Here are 5 biggest reasons why I think you need Bing in Your SEO strategy:

1. Bing Is Getting Bigger

The Big Bing Theory has come to fruition! With Mozilla making Yahoo its default search engine on Firefox browser, and Yahoo already being powered by Bing Search, the combined US Search Share for the Bing-Yahoo Alliance amounted to 22.9% in December 2014. Moreover, Google ‘s US search share has dropped from 77.3% to 75.2% in the same month making it the biggest drop in its share ever since Statcounter began tracking the data back in 2008.

Bing has also been the second most popular search engine in the UK according tothis Statista Jan 2013 – Oct 2014 study. With reports of Google’s default search on Safari deal expiring in 2015, and Microsoft as well as Yahoo competing (albeit separately) to get the same deal, Bing’s search share might rise even more significantly this year.

Why You Should Consider Bing in Your SEO Strategy


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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