The Customer Success and Marketing IntersectionCustomer Success Marketing is a 2015 Priority

As we kick off 2015, one of the areas that the Gainsight customer and extended community will be working on the most is effective communications and customer touches, at scale. Regardless of whether your company has a low- or no-touch model and you can’t individually call or email every customer or if you have a high-touch model and you want to get the right message to the right person at the right time, every business model and company can benefit from Customer Success Marketing.

In planning your program this year, you have a partner and expertise on your Marketing team. Great customer success outcomes – advocacy, references, loyalty – have long fallen under their domain. Now that Customer Success has solidified as a critical revenue driver directly responsible for the customer relationship, programmatic workflows similar to lead nurturing, recommended offers, and announcements will become the norm for your CSM team.
Let’s take a look at your playbook for this year.

The Customer Success and Marketing Intersection


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