The Content Marketing Guide For Highly Regulated Industries

Content Marketing For Highly Regulated Industries Say you work for an ad agency and one of your clients is an e-retailer that sells over 30,000 products. It should be a dream come true for a content marketer, right? With 30,000 options, you have a nearly endless supply of features and benefits, challenges and solutions, lifestyles and demographics to target.

Now, let’s pretend that for all of those 30,000 products, you can’t actually tell anyone what they’re good for. Instead, all you can do is list out the ingredients and cross your fingers that your customers can figure it out for themselves. 

This is the reality the nutraceutical industry lives in, the world of content marketing in a highly regulated industry. And they aren’t alone.  

There are several industries you may end up working with that face tough challenges when it comes to how they can market their products to consumers:

The Content Marketing Guide For Highly Regulated Industries


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