The Blueprint to B2B Content Metrics [SlideShare]

slideshare guide to b2b content metricsSo you’ve mastered the editorial calendar and you’re pushing out content like a champ, but how do you measure what content is actually working, and what’s not?

Turns out, finding ways to effectively measure content effectiveness is a huge obstacle for B2B marketers.

Fifty percent of B2B enterprise marketers cite the inability to measure content effectiveness as a challenge.

And it’s no wonder. Seventeen percent of marketers in a Demand Metric study said they have no content effectiveness measurements in place, and 49% are using only basic metrics such as clicks or downloads. The reason so many marketers struggle to prove the impact of content is largely because they don’t know what to measure…

The Blueprint to B2B Content Metrics [SlideShare]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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