SEO Basics: How to Make Sense of Analytics

While SEO changes are continuously being rolled out, there are many tools that can help you in determining whether the SEO strategies employed by theInternet marketing agency, or even by you, are working or not. One way of knowing how the overall traffic acquisition works is making changes based on the analytics. What is analytics nonetheless and how the results of such will make your campaign more successful? These and more will be given answer to in this article.

What is analytics?

Web analytics may refer to the tools, processes or results for studying web-related statistics. The most famous web traffic analytics tool online is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can provide various statistics relating to the volume of website visitors including where they come from, which pages the visit and what they do after a visit. Google also constantly rolls out new features to make data-related insights more in-depth.

Google Analytics is mostly advised to website owners who are running their own AdWords campaign. The tool monitors web traffic via advertisements. It can also determine the returns of your AdWord advertising investments. Simply, it can identify if the campaign is earning and by how much.

Results are presented as statistical data that can be confusing at times especially for first-time users. Nevertheless, once you understand what the aggregate data mean, you’ll make more sense of what the results can do to improve your business in general.

SEO Basics: How to Make Sense of Analytics


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