Optimizing Your Site: The Importance of Keyword Research

By: Kristen Killian, Online Marketing Intern

Optimizing a website to rank higher in searches is obviously important to increase traffic and, in turn, ideally conversions. There are many things that go into optimizing a website, but there is one aspect that deserves special attention: keywords. When focusing on keywords to optimize a site, it’s helpful toutilize tools to help find the right keywords, making the whole optimization process much more efficient (and often much more successful.)

Research tools

It is important to know the overall content on the website and how it relates to your business goals. Pick out some of the “highlights” of the website and use those to begin the keyword search. Usually a good place to start when picking out the highlights are considering what aspects of your site or business are most important in helping you reach your business goals – whether it’s certainservices, specific locations of your business, or even top-selling products.

There are plenty of different keyword research tools to take advantage of throughout the internet. Some good ones to try are:

Optimizing Your Site: The Importance of Keyword Research


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