On-Page SEO Factors That Matter [Infographic]

Google has almost taken a 180-degree deviation from its old perspective of search engine optimization(SEO). What yielded results yesterday, is yielding penalties today. For webmasters, this can be a tizzy time not knowing what exactly works and what attracts penalties.

SEO in the Days of Yore

A few years back, all you needed were links, regardless of their quality & the on-page elements still your ranking would automatically improve. This would then have a ripple effect with increased traffic, leading to more conversions and you would find yourself raking in great revenue. The websites that enjoyed this privilege have, today, gone into oblivion. The reason: Bad links attract penalties by Google and Bad user experience can cause bad rankings. This means the website could be de-indexed and would have a┬ávery poor ranking…

On-Page SEO Factors That Matter [Infographic]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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