How to Use Progressive Profiling to Fuel Your Personalization Strategy

Progressive-ProfilingPersonalized experiences start with data. That’s why any great personalization strategy always starts with a look into your own data, and how up-to-date it really is.

In fact, 23% of email addresses decay from your email marketing database each year. As a staple of personalization, if you’re not consistently updating your database contact information or have email addresses that are out-of-date you are not going to make the most of personalized marketing.

That’s why today, we will walkthrough a strategy for using Progressive Profiling to address and update your database and create killer personalization campaigns.

What is Progressive Profiling?

Progressive Profiling is an easy way to automatically queue new questions in forms so visitors see new questions in forms, allowing you to keep forms short. This solves a major problem for marketers, where we want to capture as much information as possible and keep forms short. That’s exactly what Progressive Profiling helps solve for you.

Instead of having one long form that attempts to capture all of a users information, you can queue new questions for returning users so they see a different version of the form. All of this information automagically syncs to the same contact record, creating a full-profile of your users.

Note: Progressive Profiling is available to HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers.

Asking the Right Questions in Forms

Your strategy on asking questions should be similar to how you put together a puzzle. Consider the complete picture of what you need (your end goal) and fill-in pieces that are similar until you have every detail covered.

To highlight an example of how to fill-in the puzzle, let’s use a fictional IT management software company that is looking to run a webinar to generate leads for Q1 sales. In the steps below, I’ll walk through how to set this up in HubSpot forms.

Step 1: Within the forms screen, create a new form (or edit an existing form you are using)

How to Use Progressive Profiling to Fuel Your Personalization Strategy


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