How to Email Successful Bloggers & Best-Selling Authors

How to Email Successful Bloggers & Best-Selling Authors About Promoting Your Book, Film, App, Album, Business or Anything Else You’ve Created

With the creation of the Web and Email, people who have something to sell or promote — be it a book, a film, an app, an album, etc. — are terribly zealous to let others know about their new resources.

Often to a fault.

Many of them benightedly send Emails to A-list bloggers and best-selling authors, telling them about their new product, and then audaciously asking them to read it, review it, or promote it.

Note that they do these things without having any relationship to the persons to whom they are pitching their requests.

And they are absolutely clueless how their requests come off.

It’s akin to walking up to a stranger and saying, “Hey, can you promote my new widget?”

Yes, it comes across that crassly.

Prefacing your “pitch” with, “I think you will enjoy this” doesn’t help.

And neither does the overused introduction, “Hey, I love your blog” and then on with the pitch.

Or “Hey, I love your books,” and then on with the spammy request.

The bottom line is that this kind of approach not only violates every rule of Email etiquette, but it comes across as feckless, self-serving, and ignorant.

It’s spam — plain and simple. And it can get your Email address penalized if the person chooses to report you for it.

How to Email Successful Bloggers & Best-Selling Authors


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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