[Ebook] 5 Reasons Why Best of Breed Technology Fuels High-Growth

[Ebook] 5 Reasons Why Best of Breed Technology Fuels High-GrowthIf you work for a high tech company, you might be a fan of the HBO show Silicon Valley. The jokes are spot-on in this moment when it seems like everyone’s trying to live up to the old Facebook motto: “Move fast and break things.” I’ve done my time at a start-up. They do move fast, and you have to be ready to persevere, push boundaries, and yes, pivot. Things move fast here at Marketo, too. Marketo has grown at a pace only matched by some of the best in the industry, and change is still a constant. We move fast; we learn and adjust even faster.

Let me dig into that last statement a little bit. Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen competitors come and go, but we’ve learned that hitting aggressive goals isn’t about what everyone else is doing. It’s about moving forward with your own customer knowledge and refining your strategy as you discover what actually works along the way. And while each high-growth company’s secret sauce varies, one big factor is learning from those successes. Companies that succeed can measure what causes the growth, forecast accurately, and project forward to make decisions accordingly…

[Ebook] 5 Reasons Why Best of Breed Technology Fuels High-Growth


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