(Dis)Content Marketing: How To Survive The Shakeout

Contributor Steve Dille explores the explosive growth of content marketing, drawing on lessons from email to help content weather a potentially rocky future.

content-marketing-question-ss-1920Content marketing. Heard of it?

Whether B2C or B2B, content growth has obviously gone ballistic. Among everybody from mom-and-pop retailers to the biggest brands on the planet, content in all its many forms has been anointed king, whether it’s your blog, site content, viral video, e-book or any of the other multifold formats that fit under the umbrella of “content.”

With the range of digital touchpoints marketers have to feed just to keep competitive, we’ve all been drafted onto this particular party bus. Ergo, Marketing Land, or any of the countless other channels (mostly inferior to ours, I’m obligated to say) that have flooded us in an exponential bitstorm.

(Dis)Content Marketing: How To Survive The Shakeout


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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