Content: The Show That Never Ends

8567121942_9690baebb2_zWelcome back my friends to the show that never ends  
We’re so glad you could attend  
Come inside! Come inside!

I was visiting with a mid-sized company this week. I was brought in to help them sort out their content marketing strategy. In the discovery part of our conversation, they showed me some of their recent content work:

  • A microsite that an agency set up for them last year. “It hasn’t had any attention for a couple of quarters,” they told me.
  • A customer training blog. “John went rogue and put it up on WordPress earlier this year. We think it’s cool, but we haven’t done much with it.”
  • An awesome video that Mary created a few months ago. “We put it up on YouTube. It didn’t get many views. We think it could be a whole series.”…

Content: The Show That Never Ends


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