7 Ways To Reinvent Your Content Marketing And Win

Is your site content stale, stagnant and dull? Content seems static, but in reality it is fluid and dynamic. The appeal of different pieces of content changes over time as business conditions evolve. Don’t worry, you can reinvent and reinvigorate your existing content with these seven tips.

Write for People And Semantic Search

Not that long ago, marketers attempted to rank high in the search engines by using keyword-based articles, blog posts and other content. However, as Google has revised and refined their search engine algorithm over time, keywords by themselves are not enough. If you have content that is overly “keyword focused,” it should be revised to appeal to humans and semantic search. That means making it more natural and conversational.

Semantic search refers to a technique used by Google and other search engines that does not rely on keywords alone, but seeks to figure out the intent and meaning of words in context. It uses language semantics to try to understand the search phrase and pull relevant documents that correspond with the meaning of the words, not just the individual words themselves. In other words, write for people and don’t worry about keywords as much.

7 Ways To Reinvent Your Content Marketing And Win


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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