4 Creative Ways to Make Your Website More Personalized

We’re now encountering more personalized experiences than ever before. Before, it was just your favorite coffee shop barista who greeted you by name. Now, your News Feed is customized to your interests and behavior, your online purchases are largely influence by what Amazon’s algorithm think you’d like, and you can’t open up an email without it saying, “Hi [First Name].”

You can thank technology for all of that. It’s made it easier and easier for companies to personalize their products, services, and marketing to individuals — but it’s also risen consumer expectations. In fact, a study by Janrain showed that 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.

As a marketer, you need to be prepared to offer personalized experiences to your audiences — and we’re not talking about adding someone’s first name in the greeting of your next email send. Keep on reading to discover a few ways you definitely should be personalizing your marketing.

1) Cater to individual personas.

Your website should be catered to different buyer personas and serve relevant content to individuals in your core personas. For example, let’s say you sell time management software and you have two very different personas. The first is HR Harry who is looking at any of his hourly employees times and any concerns with time and payment are correct. The second is Independent Contractor Isabella who is consistently monitoring time to ensure she is as productive as possible, and she appropriate stays within her project limits.

4 Creative Ways to Make Your Website More Personalized


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