3 Reasons Blogging is Hard Even For Writers

This post is based on an assignment given by my professor, Bill Belew, a pro  blogger who educates others to join him. I am in the homestretch now for completing a Marketing with Social Media Class, taught at ITU in San Jose.

a) prior to the first weekend, sign up for a domain name (see mine) andEven PRE-class, there were difficult requirements:

b) create your tagline or blog theme – the big topic you’ll spend the next three months tending, and

c) buy the book ahead of time read for your essay.

So, from my perspective the pre-class expectations meant that I was creating and building a blog (whatever that meant) before even setting one foot in the classroom.

As a student, I had to pay money, and not just on a textbook, before I really knew what I was up against. That was hard.

After reflection (almost every day) about how hard this has been, here are Three things that make writing a blog very hard, but in the end, worthwhile:

1. Meeting the HIGHLY demanding requirements of writing three 200-word blogs= 600+ words a day, not including links, and related posts. I guess this task helped us to know the pace required to become experienced and, after many posts, to eventually be considered to a subject expert. We actually had to write at least ten blogs per week of 600 words each (due to extra assignments weekly). We could break down our daily posts into 200 words, but still had to reach 600.

2. Being a HIGH-achieving personality, rising to the challenge to write those posts every day & keep up the pace. The way I think: if you have an assignment, you had better do it, whether you like it or not. So this hard aspect was internally driven, seeing the requirements meant I was either all in or all out, no halfway for me.

3 Reasons Blogging is Hard Even For Writers


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