Why Marketers Need to Take Pinterest Seriously

Why Marketers Need to Take Pinterest SeriouslyThe advent of social media has opened hundreds of new opportunities to advertise and build booming brands nearly overnight. Understanding the benefits of Pinterestis essential for all social media and online marketers, whether you are blogging about cooking, representing a new fashion brand or marketing towards a specific audience and demographic. Pinterest is ideal to reach women and female entrepreneurs, making it a key factor in growing blogs and small websites today.

Ideal for SEO Purposes

Because of Pinterest’s skyrocketing success and growth in popularity, it quickly became a great platform for marketers due to its SEO, or search optimization purposes. SEO marketing is essential for most all online blogs and websites. With Pinterest, adding keywords, sharing URLs and distributing virtual pins is a quick way to boost any website’s overall ranking within some of the most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo! and even Bing.

Why Marketers Need to Take Pinterest Seriously


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