Why King Content Has Been Overthrown by Context

With more than 5,000 consumer messages received per day, marketers stand a chance of breaking through the clutter only by delivering information exactly when the customer wants it or when it can be most helpful to them—in short, when the context is appropriate.

As marketers, we spend our time creating articles, emails, ads, infographics, videos, and other forms of content, but we should also be making sure the messages are delivered precisely when the customer needs.

To that end:

  • Technology enables advanced audience targeting and remarketing.
  • Audience targeting expands from in-market (actively shopping) customers to look-alike profiles in addition to keyword and behavioral targeting.
  • Remarketing involves placing a tracking code in your ad, on your website or app, or in an email, and then “following” that person with relevant content.
  • What’s more, the Internet of Things is expanding contextual—and “contentual”—abilities by enabling communications through various devices, providing myriad potential moments, or opportunities, to connect…

Why King Content Has Been Overthrown by Context


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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