When Social Media Influence Marketing Becomes the Brand

media influenceLast fall, a young graduate of ISCOM in Paris asked me to help for writing her thesis on the phenomenon of influence in social media. Its theme immediately challenged me because it raises important new paradigms for professionals and companies. They must now develop their digital identity on social networks: “How do influencers manage to position themselves in social media to become a true trademark themselves?

Personal Branding, a must for professionals on the Web

In the digital age, developing and having a strong and influential digital identity on social networks is essential and indispensable for all professionals working on the Web. It is essential for the self-employed and professionals in agencies, which offer professional services, and for SME owners and shopkeepers who sell products. Even the future employment candidate(s), which are now recruited by companies during college, should integrate the concept of digital identity in their training.

According to a recent study by Mondo: The Future of Digital Marketing, 80% of companies expect to increase their digital marketing budget over the next 18 months, mainly for hiring new skilled personnel in social media, including managing their activities on social networks (54%), content creation (44%), data analysis (33%) and mobile marketing (30%). And, over 70% of organizations are already recruiting new staff through their social media.

When Social Media Influence Marketing Becomes the Brand


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