When Does Blogging Become Content Marketing?

This is an extract from Chapter 2 of my new book “Customer Engagement Officer (CEO): Content Marketing and the Realities of Executive Blogging.” The chapter opens by talking about how blogging has changed the media industry and how we consume news, then explores the effect of this for companies and marketing professionals…

This change in the way we consume news is all very interesting for media students, but you might be asking how it helps you to promote your business. There are a couple of key points to remember from what you have just read:

1. Blog content can easily bubble into the traditional media agenda;
2. Blogs and corporate content are now included in news streams along with other content of interest to specific readers.

This change in the way that information is consumed has created the possibility for content to be used for marketing. Instead of a company publishing information as press releases, product announcements, or other news that is specific to what the company is doing, the company can also attract interest from prospective customers just by talking more generally about the industry they are engaged in…

When Does Blogging Become Content Marketing?


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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