What’s Changing in Social Media Marketing in 2015

What's Changing in Social Media Marketing in 2015Is your social media marketing strategy ready for 2015? While it may be difficult to believe, the end of the year is approaching. Now is the time to ensure that your marketing campaigns are prepared for the onslaught of changes that are likely to occur in the coming months.

Shopping Comes to Social Media

As we move into the coming year, it looks like shopping is finally going to make its appearance on the social media scene. Facebook and Twitter have been beta-testing purchase buttons that will appear alongside tweets and posts to give users the ability to make purchases without leaving the site. According to Time magazine, since Twitter and Facebook offer real-time media, they are ideal for showcasing short-term deals associated with quickly passing trends. When consumers are faced with time-sensitive offers streaming by on their feeds, they may be more inclined to make impulse purchases to ensure they do not miss out on the deal. This approach to marketing addresses one critical issue that merchants have continually faced with e-commerce, namely attracting customers to their website.

What You Can Do: Utilize a variety of useful social media. Try using content that answers consumers’ questions. Make sure you are prepared when your customer is ready to buy with tailored landing pages.

Networks on the Rise

While it will still be important to ensure your marketing campaigns are focused on the big social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, make sure that you are not ignoring newcomers. Several social media networks have received an increase in popularity of late, including Secret, Snapchat, and Whisper. Additionally, several other new networks are emerging on the scene. Ello is among the newest additions. This social media site has promised to never sell data. Tsu has taken a somewhat revolutionary approach by promising to share ad revenue based on the popularity of user posts. Yik Yak gives users the ability to exchange posts anonymously with people who are in the vicinity. Exactly how these newcomers will prove to shape up remains to be seen, but it is important to keep an eye on the social media scene as a whole.

What You Can Do: Make sure you are represented across a diverse array of social media networks, including the up and coming.

What’s Changing in Social Media Marketing in 2015


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