What will “frictionless logins” mean for digital marketing?

If automatic biometric, device, and behavioral logins become as commonplace as social logins, marketers will have to up their game.

fingerprint-login-mobile-security-unlock-ss-1920To marketers, logged-in users are the online equivalents of gold.

They have definitive user profiles, even if their real-life identities are sometimes anonymized as they work their ways across the marketing ecosystem. With logged-in users, marketers don’t need to layer on possible behaviors, attributes, or purchase histories, or make suppositions about their offline lives, as they do with their unlogged fellow travelers.

Now, imagine a connected world where you are automatically logged in by your body, your behavior, or your device…

What will “frictionless logins” mean for digital marketing?



Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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