What Content Marketing Means For Your Business In 2015

With Facebook algorithm updates banning promotional content, the evolution of content shock, and other tumultuous tremors happening online, it’s time to start thinking about what content marketing means for your business next year.

It’s no longer acceptable to write “stuff” and call it content marketing.

Stuff and fluff — kitten memes, quote memes made in Canva, and other innocuous, or safe, content — will be the downfall of many brands in 2015.

Mark my words.


Some stats …

In looking at our Google Analytics, I can tell you that about 5%-7% of our articles drive 90%+ of our traffic.

And the majority of those articles in the 5-7% range are in-depth, high-level content.

I don’t have to tell you they took a bit of planning to get just right, and many of them are very visual or long-form content.

What Content Marketing Means For Your Business In 2015

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