What Content Marketers Can Learn from Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing is often compared to dating. You wouldn’t say “will you marry me” after just one date, so you probably shouldn’t say “buy my stuff” as soon as someone lands on your website or follows you on Twitter.

The question is how can you convert your prospects into fully fledged relationships with a determinable ROI? This new infographic from Constant Contact looks at what content marketers can learn from dating in order to attract, charm, convert and retain new customers.


The first step is to get yourself noticed. For content marketers that could mean light-touch content (such as blog posts and infographics) that’s designed to build brand awareness and drive web traffic.

However, your prospective customer will need to get to know you a little better before taking things further. After all, only 24% of people actually trust someone they’re on a first date with.

Tip: One infographic is tweeted every 4.6 seconds, so they’re great for reaching a large audience with good-looking, easily digestible information.

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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