Ways To Directly Monetize Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing can easily build a brand’s reputation, increase engagement and familiarity with a brand, funnel readers into opportunities for conversion, and serve as a platform to build authority for SEO.

But one of the drawbacks of content marketing is the difficulty many marketers find in trying to objectively measure its return on investment. Since each piece of content takes time (and therefore, money) to create, there is a finite and objective cost for a content marketing strategy—but the benefits are much less tangible and much less directly measurable. For example, how do you measure the value of brand engagement an individual reader has in terms of a dollar amount? Essentially, you can’t.

As a result, content marketing is still enormously beneficial, and a staple for most modern brands, but its cost can loom over marketers & business owners, especially in the early stage of your campaign.

If you’re looking for a way to offset that cost, or if you’re just trying to add a new line of revenue to your site, consider using one of these strategies to turn your content stream into a direct line of extra revenue.

 Ways To Directly Monetize Your Content Marketing Campaign


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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