Use Concise Email Design to Improve Campaign Results

To improve the effectiveness of your emails it is important to not overwhelm users with choice and to not include any content with duplicate links. This concise approach to email design will not only improve the results of your campaigns but also reduce the time it takes to create them.

Keep things simple

People can easily be paralysed by choice. It’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed with possible options. The process of incrementally introducing information or options has been something the web has done well for decades now. You don’t need to show every colour shoe in your email. Sell some shoes first, get the person to visit your store and only then should concise email design slowly, incrementally offer more options. Which style? Which colour? Which type? Which size? What extras would you like? Trying to accomplish this process within an email, although it is technically possible with modern kinetic emails, is jarring and uncouth. Email is the first point of contact, the very initial interaction, it should not be used to sign and seal the deal. Email should be used to entice, seduce and most importantly start the process of completing the sale, not facilitate it…

Use Concise Email Design to Improve Campaign Results


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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