Top Blogs for Pinterest tips and marketing ideas

How much active are you on a platform that drives an estimated 47% of the U.S. online shoppers that made a purchase being referred on this social network (Source:BlogHer) ? I guess it’s the right time to pet this wild social beast to harness great revenue from it. Not only sales Pinterest has an average of five million articles pins. This amazing social media platform took one third of time taken by twitter to reach the 10 million user mark. Many blogs have a increased and consistent traffic from old posts all thanks to Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, where we scribble every second mood swing and still generate user interaction on the post, Pinterest has a negative effect on undecided pins. Pins that are not appealing will turn a readers mood off and he will never bother to visit you again. So with all these you need to have strategies and read the Top 10 blogs on Pinterest tips and guides on increasing revenue from Pinterest . These blogs also publish top tips to increase followers on Pinterest.

Top Blogs for Pinterest tips and marketing ideas


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