Top 17 Articles You Should Consider For Your Marketing in 2015

hA new year means new resolutions for both you and your business! We know that this year you want your marketing to be at its best. However, in order to improve and blow past your previous traffic numbers, you need to get a higher level overview of where marketing is heading.

Mobile is an absolute must this year if you want more traffic. Smartphone penetration in the US is already nearly 75% at the beginning of 2015. If your audience is always on its phone, make sure you’re a prominent fixture on the platform.

Get your social media in gear. Not just with automated messages, but also skillful customer service and open lines of communication.

Spend time writing valuable content so both you and your audience can learn more about your industry.

Now these goals are all well and good, but what’s the process to making them a reality? To help you in this process, we’ll put together a list of incredibly insightful articles you should keep top of mind as you come up with your marketing strategy for this year.

There are some really interesting ideas in these posts that should not be overlooked if you want to stay on top of the marketing game. Here are the top articles we recommend!

Top 17 Articles You Should Consider For Your Marketing in 2015


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