Tools for writing: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 first impressions

surface pro 3 Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is an important device for its maker: a showcase for Windows 8.1, a role model for other OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and, finally, a source of profit. And, more than a tablet that can replace your laptop, it is also a challenge to Apple’s MacBook Air, as Microsoft’s ad confirms.

So when mine arrived this week, I was excited to see whether it lived up to its promise. (Full disclosure: Microsoft kindly loaned me the unit and they are an Articulate client but this is my own review.)

There’s much to like:

  • Super-high-resolution screen. Text in Word looks noticeably crisper when I’m writing thanks to the 2160×1440 pixel screen. Some MacBook Pros and the gorgeous but expensive iMac with Retina display have similar resolution but the Surface is cheaper. It’s hard to go back to a conventional monitor with visible pixels after using it.
  • The kickstand. The adjustable kickstand makes the Surface work brilliantly as a tablet and it’s a masterpiece of design. I always found the full-size iPads too unwieldy. But with the Surface you can set it up for typing or for vertical view at different angles and the stand is built-in so it’s always available.

Tools for writing: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 first impressions


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