Three Marketing Metrics To Stop Tracking In 2015

marketing metricsI’m calling it now – 2015 is going to be the year of Marketing ROI Measurement. No longer is it enough to count “likes” and follows. Companies and organizations want to know how their marketing spend is translating into revenue, sales, membership, etc. – in other words, how is marketing impacting the bottom line?

There are so many notions about what the best analytics are to track when it comes to analyzing your marketing. Click-through-rates, unique visitors, Facebook likes – but how do you know which ones really matter? And which ones should you be tracking that are going to showcase the results your marketing efforts are really having?

Social Media Metrics

Stop tracking your fans and followers

A few years ago, companies were jumping on Facebook and Twitter with the goal of maximizing their fans and followers. Now, no one really cares how many likes you have. And given how Facebook keeps changing its algorithm and people are seeing less and less unsponsored content from brands, the number of Facebook fans you have has very little impact on who sees your social content. So instead of tracking fans and followers…

Track your reach

How far is your content going? How many interactions is it generating? Now that you can also track your analytics on Twitter, look at your impressions. If your posts aren’t generating any interactions, maybe you need to change something up. Is the problem the call to action you’re offering (or not offering) or is it the content? If you have a lackluster reach, look at why. Is it the time of day you’re posting or is it what your posting? Remember, especially with Facebook, the quality of your content goes a long way in achieving the kind of organic reach that can convert fans into buyers or customers.

Three Marketing Metrics To Stop Tracking In 2015


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