The Psychology Behind Writing a Great Pitch

The Psychology Behind Writing a Great PitchAs a promotions associate, I spend a fair amount of time crafting pitches. What is the best way to connect with this editor? What are the most interesting points of the data? Should I use bullet points or just a few short paragraphs? And once I’ve finally crafted the perfect pitch, I wonder whether or not the editor will even see it—some editors receive more than100 pitches a day.

So what causes an editor to show interest? The answer can be found in psychology.

Fractl recently collaborated with BuzzStream to apply psychological theories to the campaign outreach process in order to give your promotions team a more persuasive edge. Here, I’ll walk you through three key concepts to keep in mind during your next promotions cycle…

The Psychology Behind Writing a Great Pitch


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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