The Most Overlooked Market For Content Writers

ccc-250Writing content can be an extremely profitable option for working writers …

Sure, there are fiercely competitive content markets where writers fight over penny-a-word contracts. But, those more obvious opportunities in highly-competitive markets aren’t what I’m talking about.

There are far better opportunities for writers looking to make a living … and that’s my goal with this blog each week:

To help you learn about — and take advantage of — REAL opportunities that will allow you to make a living as a writer.

One in particular stands out in my mind right now — as we’re talking a lot about it over at AWAI

It’s a place where there are more jobs available than writers with time to do the work. Plus, the rates can climb to $2 (or more) per word.

The only catch? To see the vast opportunities here — and appreciate the scope of what’s on offer — you’re going to have to open your eyes to a world most writers have never realized existed.

The Most Overlooked Market For Content Writers


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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