The Most Common Copywriting Mistakes

Most_Common_Copyediting_Mistakes.jpgHere’s a statistic that is not a typo: The error rate for the average typist is 8 percent. Put another way, for every 100 words you type, only 92 will be spelled correctly. And over the course of a 500-word blog post, that’s a whopping 40 errors. Imagine what a visitor to your website will think if every 12th word or so is misspelled. More than likely, the reader will think you don’t know what you are talking about, or—worse yet—you don’t care about your website’s readers to bother with quality content, and will click away from your site, probably never to return …

Of course, most people catch and fix many of the errors they create, and the spell-check features of document applications identify some of the rest. However, the aforementioned statistic underscores how easily copywriting mistakes can occur by diligent writers. Furthermore every word of a blog post may be spelled or used correctly but provide no impact upon the reader, who, again might be inclined to leave your website unimpressed. Here are some of the most common copywriting mistakes to avoid when producing content that will ultimately move enthusiastic visitors along the buyer’s journey:

The Most Common Copywriting Mistakes


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