The Modern Face of Marketing

Marketing MascotMarketing has been around for a very long time and without incorporating marketing into your overall business strategy, nobody will know about you and about your brand. Obviously, marketing is an absolute necessity. However, it is important to realize that marketing has gone through several phases over time and it doesn’t necessarily resemble its former self.

The past versus the present

In the past, marketing meant that you (as a business owner) would talk to your potential clients and existing clients in a one-way direction. You would talk to them as opposed to speaking with them. There truly is a world of difference between the two approaches. You would broadcast whatever it was that you wished to say and the person on the other end would either listen to what you were saying (if you held their interest) or they wouldn’t. There was absolutely no interaction in that situation. The problem is that now, your potential clients and existing clients have gotten a lot smarter than they were before. Between their thought process and technology’s making it so easy, they can block your marketing messages in a variety of creative ways…

The Modern Face of Marketing


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