The Marketing Mistakes I’ve Made

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Feather Stone, author and realist, former idealist

Author of “The Guardian’s Wildchild” Romance / Paranormal / Etc.

Recently I made a quantum leap in admitting to the truth about my book’s less than ideal sales record. It has very little to do with the quality of my writing. The number one factor is that The Guardian’s Wildchild didn’t quite make it to the WOW factor. Apparently, unless the reader gets that “OMG, this is like …., wow.” sales will be pitiful. Hard pill to swallow, but there it is!

The truth is I’ve also made errors in judgement. The failure of sales rests totally on my shoulders.

  • Selection of Publisher: My book does was not the best fit for the publisher’s themes of romance. Readers loyal to Omnific Publishing expect to read romance. Yes, there is a romance element in the TGW’s background but the overall theme is military suspense (espionage, murder). Romance readers who read my book might have been unimpressed with the story due to their disappointment in not receiving more passion and erotic thrills. Therefore, they were not inclined to take the time to write a review. They liked it enough to not write a scathing review, but they quickly went on to other novels that had what they were looking for. Lesson: Chose a publisher which attracts readers who will love your story.

The Marketing Mistakes I’ve Made


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