The Internet’s Evolution to Authenticity: SEO vs Content Marketing

The word on the “industry” street is that authentic people, and authentic writing, have finally come into vogue. According to Ad Age Magazine, companies (and recruiters alike) have learned from their past experiences in digital marketing and are quickly realizing that the long-lasting Google-loving key to getting noticed and appreciated online, is through original, creative, authentic writing.

In other words – BS and “cheesy” sales tactics are out for the online world. (it is still up for debate in the real-world)

Firstly, I would have to recognize and thank Google for this evolution. The online god’s adamant desire to win the search engine “game” over those trying to prove their skill at out-smarting Google’s search algorithms, has been admirable. If we break down this online under-world battle, and take a look at the path that was taken to get us to where we are today, we can see that with every unethical push from the black-hat (AND white-hat) SEO “experts”, came the shove back from Google. This brilliant battle of wits has brought us out of the cheesy used-car-salesman tactic of filling a website with an intellectually worthless splattering of words, to a recognition that quality ultimately wins over quantity…

The Internet’s Evolution to Authenticity: SEO vs Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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