The Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

The Giant Marketing Opportunity You're MissingAs the attention span of your target customer shrinks, it becomes increasingly difficult to get your message to them. Even if they happen to visit your site, they may not stay for long. A poorly designed homepage could end your relationship on the spot — which is why this one marketing trick can make all the difference. You can quickly create a behavior flow on your site that leads viewers right to your brand story, just by adding a prominent link to your “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

In my consulting work with businesses of all sizes, this trick never fails. You may have thought the FAQ page was just for customer-service departments, consumer products or ecommerce stores. And while it definitely can be, it can also serve as a simple way to direct visitors directly to selling points you want to highlight for them.

The FAQ link is like a big red flashing light that says click me. Why? It’s like a cheat sheet for the consumer or potential client. Putting the FAQ link in your main navigation — or clearly linked somewhere on the homepage — nudges them toward the story you want to tell, no matter your product or services…

The Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing


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