The Business Blog: It’s Viable

How necessary is a business blog in today’s marketing arsenal? The “blog” is now a viable platform for communication and is becoming a significant part of the social media channel that is merging with what we now coin as content marketing. Couple that very real concept with the ever-changing Google search optimization criteria and you can’t help but acknowledge from any business perspective, the strength and necessity of content creation and its proper distribution.

The blog, which started out as the writing of random thoughts or musings in the hopes of connecting with like minded individuals and even became the focal part in the movie Julie Julia, is now being touted as the next “thing” for marketing to embrace. This forum of self expression has now become an important part of business marketing and communications. Like it or not, the business blog is here to stay.

There’s much ado about blogging and how business can utilize it as part of their marketing initiatives. Business professionals at the corporate level and entrepreneurs alike are all talking about it. Google is making blogging increasingly important criteria for business to ‘get found’. Even with the termination of Google authorship, Google still allocates considerable weight to content, its validity and its credibility when scoring for SEO ranking.

The Business Blog: It’s Viable

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