The Best Stories Come From The Worst Examples

yawning_boyThe best way to become a better storyteller is to study the bad storytellers.

He circles the room in search of his next victim. You try to avoid eye contact, but fail. He approaches and within a few minutes, it’s like you’ve been transported into a conversation with Michelle from the movie American Pie.

“This one time, at band camp…”

It doesn’t matter how nice he is or how much you respect him, you still find yourself praying for an excuse to leave: a fire alarm, a medical emergency, a telemarketing call…anything to get away.

Sound familiar?

But what if you looked at the situation differently? Instead of planning to fake a grand mal seizure, what if you actually listened to the bad story critically? Take it apart. Consider how you might tell it differently…

The Best Stories Come From The Worst Examples


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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