The 9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs + One Reality Check

Of the world’s top 100 blogs, 48% rely on WordPress, the content management system that makes it easy to blog. In fact, 60 million of the over 634 million websites in existence at the end of 2012 are powered by WordPress. With all these blogs competing for attention online, how will people see your new content these days without good SEO?

Making sure your content is optimized for search engines and distribution across the web is paramount. Fortunately, a number of WordPress plugins, plus some interesting WordPress hacks we’ll discuss later, make it easier.

First, to understand SEO, it helps to understand a bit about how how Google ranks your site. Over 200 factors go unto the search engine’s calculation. These include content, PageRank, incoming links, speed and multiple SEO factors. Google has provided some Webmaster Guidelines to help you with the design, creating quality content, and other technical aspects of your site. Now, once you’ve perfected your site layout and you’re ready to write a post, you’ll then want to optimize your article content to increase its chances of getting discovered by search engines and linked to search queries. That’s SEO optimization and it’s where these plugins come in.

The 9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs + One Reality Check


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