The 5 Key Dimensions of Brand Personality

There are countless variables at play determining why one consumer chooses to purchase one brand over another. Some consumers are highly influenced by brand personalities that are consistent with their own self-concept, which in some cases, the bond between consumer and brand is sometimes based on their DESIRED self-concept rather than their actual image.

Five key dimensions of brand personality include Brand Competence, Brand Sincerity, Brand Excitement, Brand Sophistication, and Brand Toughness. Many brands choose to use a brand character as a vehicle to express their brand personality and to help communicate their brand message to the public. The following are examples of five such brands which have created successful brand characters that are used extensively in their marketing communications, especially on social media where the interaction between a brand and their consumer is always an ongoing conversation.

Brand Competence: Are You Branding Your Expertise?

The first dimension of brand personality is brand competence. The attributes represented by this brand personality are intelligence, success, reliability and expertise.

The 5 Key Dimensions of Brand Personality


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