The 10 Commandments Of Content Marketing

Two representative stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them on an isolated dark ethereal backgroundMarketers often confuse content marketing with engagement. Just because you get someone’s attention doesn’t mean your audience actually cares. You spend all of this time following the work of others, listening to experts who preach soundbites and executing against a programmatic calendar only to miss the very thing that connects with people…relevance.

It’s hard to gauge or appreciate something so contextual however when we base our work on the measurement of the wrong things. Numbers do not reflect engagement. They measure activity. And, whether or not that activity matters to your business or brand, doesn’t matter too much at the moment. Campaigns are planned, executed and measured by outdated KPIs every day. A view isn’t the same thing as a connection. A “Like” isn’t an opt-in nor a reflection of a targeted community. An impression isn’t symbolic of a prospect. R.O.I. isn’t calculated by vanity metrics…that would be the other R.O.I (return on ignorance.)…

The 10 Commandments Of Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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