The #1 Facebook Post Mistake Every Brand Should Avoid

People check Facebook to see pictures of their friends and family, laugh at the latest memes and learn about breaking news.

The last thing they want—or expect—to see in their news feed is a blatant sales pitch from your brand.

Posts that scream “buy me, buy me” are jarring . . . especially when you’ve just enjoyed watching a video of your niece’s hockey game or the latest Grumpy Cat complaint.

For brands, the way to get the most value from Facebook is to view it as a social setting (which it obviously is) and behave in manner that will make you popular.

Consider the last networking event you attended. Who was the most interesting person you met? In all likelihood, it was someone who showed an interest in you by asking you questions about yourself, then shared some relevant information about your niche.

The most annoying were the ones who dominated the conversation, talked only about themselves and pushed their services on you without taking the time to understand if you were a fit.

The #1 Facebook Post Mistake Every Brand Should Avoid


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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